Rudraksha seeds
Very unique to Zessoo and our designs, a 7mm rudraksha seed is present on each one of our bracelets. These seeds are harvested from trees growing in the foothills of the Himalayas and are very highly valued, similarly to semi-precious stones, for their protective and healing virtues. They are believed to increase concentration, clarity, memory and bring peace of mind and prosperity. More importantly, they are seen as a provision of spiritual and mental guidance in meditation and for this reason have been used for centuries in prayers. Each piece has its own unique design, as crafted by mother nature when it was forming as the seed of a fruit, before dropping to the ground.

Bracelets sourced and extracted
All our bracelets are strung by hand by a dedicated team in Thailand. Our stones are 100% natural, and never tinted, died or made of recomposed material. They are mostly sourced locally, and our suppliers guarantee us traceability and high ethical standards along the whole production chain, from extraction to cutting, and then polishing, and stringing. Stones are sourced worldwide, with a vast majority of stones coming from South East Asia, Africa and Brazil, and are cut and polished in India.

We use a 4-ply top quality elastic band of the highest durability. We have been wearing our bracelets for years, in circumstances of active lifestyles including doing sports and swimming, and are proud to have created a product of extremely high quality standards.

Dimensions/ weight & size guide
All bracelets are available in either 8mm or 10mm beads, and come with our signature 7mm rudraksha seed in a choice of gold or natural brown color. Bracelet weight varies as natural stones’ density is very variable, with metal-rich stones like hematite, pyrite and bronze weighing the most.

Their internal circumference measures 16.5cm and 17.5cm unstretched, and typically fits wrists from 15cm to 19cm very well. Please let us know if your order is for an extra large wrist in which case we will accommodate sizing at no additional cost.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 2 cm

8mm, 10mm


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